Missions involvements and opportunities

Please continue to pray for our missionaries: Steven and Rachael Beiler, Kevin and Joan Brunk, Ralph and Debbie Kleinfeld, Jeff and Susan Myers, and David and Naomi Philllips, as well as the ministry of Co.Mission Toledo. Also, we ask for your prayers for the health of retired missionaries Ted and Joan Esselstyn.

Crisis Care Kits that were completed by the TCN family in 2018 were delivered in September. Crisis Care Kits provide basic necessities to those across the globe who have been affected by a natural disaster or to people without access to such items. Watch the Welcome Center in the lobby for a list of items that will be needed for the next round of kits.

The offering of spare coins is collected by TCN children during worship services in September and February. Those donations are used to support Nazarene missions building projects across the globe.

During February and March, the TCN family will participate in a book reading contest. If your last name begins with A through J, you will be in the “A List’ group. If your last name begins with K through Z, you are in the “Krafty Readers” group. Your group will receive 100 points for every missions book read or CD to which has been listened. If an individual reads seven or more books, their group receives an extra 100 points. The following books can be read online for a small charge: “Maps Beyond Geography,” by Stephanie Tibi; “Where a Yes Can Take You,” by Ramon Sierra; and “Africa, O Africa,” by Louise R. Chapman. Be sure to write your name on the library card for that book when you read online. The winning group will be provided lunch.

If you would like to learn more about Nazarene Missions International at TCN, please contact NMI President Sue Dodds at (937) 405-6546 ors.dodds@troynaz.net