An update from Pastor Jeff Rollison

Hello, TCN family …
I want to inform you regarding plans being made to return to live worship services at Troy Church of the Nazarene.
Since March 22, our response as God’s people to the Covid-19 pandemic has been one out of respect and courtesy for all people, an ethic of love and care. We have posted weekly video worship services on facebook. More recently, we have added drive-in Sunday worship options for the TCN family. Now, it’s time to begin planning our return to in-building times of worship. Here are a few of the parameters guiding us as we move forward.
* TCN will provide live worship services beginning at 9:30 a.m. on May 31 for those who wish to attend. We also will continue online facebook services for those choosing to stay at home.
* We will ask people to commit in advance to attending the live service in order to properly configure the Worship Center to meet social-distancing guidelines. Details on how to indicate your intention to attend the live service are below.
* Ushers will wear masks as they help attendees find seating that adheres to the Worship Center distancing measures just mentioned. Those attending the live service will be encouraged to wear masks.
* We will ask all who are at risk, who are ill or who are concerned about endangering others to stay at home.
* There will be six feet of separation between rows of chairs in the Worship Center, and three empty chairs between households.
* There will be no children’s programming or Inhouse classes; children will remain with their parents at all times.
* No coffee or printed Sermon Notes will be available; the Sermon Notes will be available with Thursday’s weekly e-newsletter, beginning May 28.
* The center doors into the Worship Center will remain open; no door handles will need to be touched.
* Hand sanitizer stations will be available at all times at multiple locations.
* Cleaning of all high-traffic surfaces will take place before and after all worship services.
Likely, there will be more to communicate as we move toward the return to live worship services on May 31.
Now, here’s what we are asking of you: To adopt a heart of humility that considers the needs of others more important than our own. And please recognize that people are going through this pandemic with different sensitivities. Let’s embrace 1 Corinthians 10:24, which says, “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.”
Church family, we are living in unprecedented times and in many ways our resiliency has been challenged. Much has changed in the world over the past two months. But what hasn’t changed is our love for the TCN family and, moreover, God’s incredible love for his children. Let’s find our hope and encouragement in knowing and claiming that.
TCN, you are loved …
Pastor Jeff Rollison
How to register for May 31 worship service
The link below will take you directly to our church’s signup for our in-building service. You will see a blue-green button that reads “Register”. Click this and proceed through the prompts. In the first step, you will be able to add each person from your family who will be attending. In the second step, you will provide your contact information. We will need at least your email address in order to send you a confirmation email with information about the service. This step also will ask you for the total number (including yourself) from your family who we can expect on May 31. The third and final step is a review of what you’ve entered before submitting the signup and finishing the registration process. Shortly after completing, you will receive a confirmation email. Here’s the link:

To make this and other future processes easier, we encourage you to download the Church Center app by Planning Center from your App Store. This app will link you directly to TCN (once you locate our church in the set-up process). You’ll be able to see all our events, check in your students on your way to church as well as other functions we will be adding.